ice on car main - How to prepare your vehicle for winter driving

How to prepare your vehicle for winter driving

  • Put your frost spray and scraper in the vehicle
  • Check the tyres for sufficient tread and change them for winter tyres if necessary
  • Top up with windscreen washer fluid and check the wipers
  • Ensure you have sufficient antifreeze in the engine
  • Items to help if you are stuck in the snow could include a snow shovel and bag of grit, some food & water, torch and towing rope, blanket and extra clothing, spare cash
  • It can help to reduce the air pressure in the tyres to get out of the thick snow but remember to pump them up again later, so pack a tyre inflator
  • Snow socks or chains can be very useful but you will need gloves and something to kneel on to fit them as well
  • Phone charger or spare phone
  • Check the weather forecast
  • British weather can be unpredictable
  • If your vehicle isn’t ready to deal with dangerous conditions, don’t use it.