CPC is here to stay

Any doubts about continuing the training following Brexit have been quashed

We know that some customers and drivers have been holding back from committing to booking Driver CPC, using Brexit uncertainty as an excuse. So, the following two statements from the Government are really significant:

“The UK will maintain a CPC scheme… This includes both transport manager CPCs and driver CPCs.”
“Little will change in practice regarding how UK drivers can obtain their CPC certification. The government is putting in place a CPC scheme to reflect the fact that we will have left the EU, but we have no immediate plans to change any of the standards that drivers have to meet…”


Feedback from drivers attending our own Driver hire courses has been overwhelmingly positive.

Drivers have found the courses informative, interesting and interactive!

Many course subjects have been created to cater for the needs of drivers and their employers, for example:

Work Related Road Risk; This module focuses on FORS, CLOCS and Vulnerable Road Users and is dual accredited to JAUPT (for CPC) and FORS

Safe Urban Driving helps drivers cope with Vulnerable Road Users; Candidates will spend 3.5hrs in the classroom and 3.5hrs on bicycles. This Course is dually accredited with FORS and will be a requirement for any FORS Silver or Gold Operators.

Driver Hire currently has 20 CPC modules (each 3.5hrs long), a full day of CPC training will involve two modules being delivered to reach the 7 hrs daily training target for JAUPT. All our modules are submitted to JAUPT and updated annually.