Driving in London

Drivers for DRIVER HIRE KINGSTON frequently drive in London and many changes are taking place.

Top of the agenda is the need to reduce emissions and London Emissions regulations continue to tighten. This effects all HGV’s and now taxis. Soon all private hire vehicles must have an element of electric only capacity. Electric HGV’s are also on the way.

Cab firms continue to moan the Mayor doesn’t understand their fleet requirements and favours unfair competition from taxis and Uber etc. All electric vehicle drivers say the provision of recharging equipment is inadequate, and this slows the take up of electric vehicles.

Congestion charging continues to expand with greater areas of London in the CG boundary, and rates increasing.

Fixed penalties for parking infringements, including stopping in box junctions, being caught in or crossing a bus lane, no left or right turns, continue to plague all drivers.

Cyclists appear to get a better deal than vehicle drivers when it comes to sharing road space. The number of bicycle hire companies expands leading to abandoned bikes everywhere.

Do you have a view on London’s driving problems?

  • What is the future for electric vehicles?
  • How should London deal with congestion?
  • Should the councils be allowed to continually fleece drivers for minor infringements?
  • Do you drive in other major conurbations which have better solutions for London’s problems?
  • Do you have any personal stories of counter-productive rules, which need to be addressed to improve the lives of Londoners and visitors?

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